Gummy Smile

Do you or your or your love ones have a gummy smile?

A smile makes us feel good and also makes us look friendly. However, some people feel that their smiles are too gummy. This means that too much of their teeth are covered by the gums. This results in a smile where some of the gums are visible. Some people may find this esthetically unattractive. Esthetic crown lengthening procedure could be one of the solutions to gummy smile.

What is esthetic crown lengthening?

This is a procedure where the gums are trimmed to expose more of the crowns of the teeth. In this procedure, your periodontist utilizes special equipment to recontour the excess gum tissue. We also use this equipment to reshape this tissue until more of the natural tooth is exposed. The periodontist can perform this procedure on one tooth or even on an entire upper or lower gum line. In some cases, crown lengthening procedure may be combined with veneers or crowns to achieve optimal result. The outcome of a crown lengthening procedure is a natural and bright smile.

gummy smles before

gummy smiles before


gummy smiles after

gummy smiles after